Back in the old days (y’know the early 90’s?) I was all over the fuzzed-out garage schlock of the DUMMIES, they put a whole heap of punk fuzz into the tired garage sound... man, they never got the recognition they desevered. After that combo imploded singer/songwriter Sgt. 6 started his own gig and this is the latest offering. Pretty similar to the DUMMIES, a little faster, a little punker, same snotty distorted vocals-less than three minutes of music, one original and “The Bitch” by SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS. This is what punk (and garage) records should sound like.

MRR #247 (TB)

“True drug-addled, hate-inspired, precision punk rock in the form of one minute tunes.” That’s what their label says about this record and even though the tunes were a little over one minute, that’s a good description for this. It’s a two-song punk rock single with all the trimmings. If you like fast and furious punk, here you go. Don’t mind that the band has long since split. The music will still remain the same: fast and rockin’. Well done and put out by Rapid Pulse, who are known for mainly doing 7"s of their favorite bands.

Razorcake #18 (Mike Beer)

Two short blasts, of lean, mean punk rock, the first being an original clocking in at 1:12 and the second a cover of Slaughter and the Dogs’ “The Bitch” that ain’t much longer. Good stuff.

Razorcake #18 (Jimmy Alvarado)