This is the best. Rockin’ punk reminding me of early 45 GRAVE. If the DEAD BOYS weren’t junked out and Stive Bators was Tina from the BOBBYTEENS. This ain’t no stenching Gearhead poseur shit-this is backyard punk.

MRR #247 (JA)

DEADLY WEAPONS have returned with another single! Rapid Pulse Records has released the You’re So Selfish 7"EP and it picks up right where the Lipstick debut left off. Continuing with their ultra-tough sound showcased live, it really makes you wonder if there is anything Tina can’t do! The highlight of this release is the perfect cover of G.G. ALLIN’s “Don’t Talk To Me”! I got fucking chills!

Maximum RocknRoll (Mitch Cardwell)

A new outfit featuring Tina from the Trashwomen handling vocal duties. Included here are two doses of the high-energy punk that Rapid Pulse bands are known for delivering, and a cover of GG Allin’s “Don’t Talk To Me”. “You Wreck Me” could easily have been a hardcore punk favorite had it been released back in the early 80’s. Good stuff here.

Razorcake #18 (Jimmy Alvarado)