Nikki Corvette is fucking back! In her first new release in who knows how long, Nikki picks up right wear her Bomp career left off: bubblegum power pop genius! Nikki co-wrote these tunes with TRAVIS RAMIN, the guy who I consider to be the leading voice in power-pop today (having organized female-fronted combos like CANDYGIRL and TINA & THE TOTAL BABES, not to mention pulling full-time duty in THE FEVERS). The results are authentic and infectious. There’s no reason to approach with caution-this is fantastic.


At the Coachella festival in April, members of the Donnas were fresh from a sweaty set and headed toward the media tent when an unassumingly sweet lady approached them. The band members shuddered in delight at the sight of Detroit legend Nikki Corvette. You see, the Donnas know their shit. And they know for certain that without Corvette’s groundbreaking work, they might not be there.

Two decades after the breakup of her band, Nikki and the Corvettes, Corvette has returned to recording. Her new 7-inch is a glorious slab of ragin’ full on bubblegum punk. Both sides of this record are short blasts of guitar-driven sweaty libido.

The A-side, “Love Me” is sweet pop with a knowing wink. Meanwhile, the flip side, “What’s On My Mind,” has Corvette showing off the template she created for the Donnas. It’s sexy and self-assured (cocksure isn’t quite the right word, but the feminine equivalent would be). Let’s just say empowered and leave it at that.

(Corvette looks mighty yummalicious on the sleeve in photos by CREEM honcho Dr. Robert, by the way)

Brian J. Bowe
June 2003

Remeber Nikki Corvette? Super poppy, cutesy stuff with a bit of edge in the late ’70’s to about ’81. Well, she’s got a single, the first thing released in over twenty years. Can she still pull it off after all this time, you ask? Hell yeah she can! Fans of the Pinkz, Exploding Hearts, and Mand and the Marbles will love it.

Razorcake #14 (Megan)

Are we gonna buy into this latest effort of a cute girl doing powr pop circa LA 1980?

You’re damn right we are! Good power pop by a girl singer...you know the sound, you know the look. Just get it already. Lonely awkward guys to the left please.

MRR #241 (RL)

Bad Girls who play rock’n roll never get boring. So with that said, Nikki’s back, and she sounds exactly the same as she did in 1980, an d along with the FEVERS’ Travis Ramin twiddling the knobs, there’s no doubt it’s gonna be a painfully sweet rock’n roll nugget. Great sound, great production, and one of rock’n rolls hottest ladies all come together to rip your underwear right clean off and sugar-shock your private parts in the most painfully wonderful way imaginable

Horizontal Action #11 (Rod)

Hands down the best single Rapid Pulse Records has ever released! The leader of one of the most rockin’ “girl groups” of all time, Nikki Corvette (of Nikki and the Corvettes, duh) is back for the first time in eons to please your ears with two tunes that could have been alternate takes from the 1980, bubblegum power pop genius Nikki and the Corvettes LP. This time Nikki has teamed up with Travis Ramin who has been involved with a number of great, recent bands like The Fevers, Candygirl and Tina and the Total Babes to craft two absolute pop gems. Either song, “Love Me” or “What’s On My Mind” would have worked as the A-side as both deliver catchy verses with a chorus full of amazingly huge hooks. One of the best pop singles of the past few years.

Blank Generation

The one-and-only Nikki & The Corvettes LP wasn’t just one of the best power pop albums of its day. It’s also one of the greatest rock n’ roll albums of all-time, PERIOD. Blending the sunny, innocent charms of 60’s girl group pop with the naughty allure of the “rock n’ roll bad-girl” aesthetic, Nikki & The Corvettes typified adolescent rock’s lusty, thrill-seeking spirit. Sure, they weren’t a “real” band. But so what? Who cares if half the people who bought the album were horny teenage punk rockers who just wanted to jerk off to the cover photo? It’s still a bubblegum punk rock masterpiece, and CLASSIC songs like “Backseat Love”, “Summertime Fun”, “He’s A Mover”, and “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” remain the high standard by which all “girl-fronted pop-punk” bands are measured. Producer/songwriter/band architect Peter James was nothing short of a musical genius, and Nikki Corvette gave his songs a sexy, candy-sweet voice. Fast forward to now. I have no idea what Peter James is up to these days. But Nikki Corvette is back with her first single in 22 years, and she has teamed up with perhaps the only man capable of filling James’s shoes: Mr. Travis Ramin! Ramin, the mastermind behind groups like Candygirl and Tina & The Total Babes, has penned two more power pop gems that are TO DIE FOR! And Ms. Corvette still “has” it on vocals, sounding as spunky and girlish as any middle-aged woman possibly could. The mid-tempo “Love Me” is vintage late 70’s power pop a la The Beat and Romantics. It’s actually kind of similar to Candygirl’s “Oh, Jacky Boy!” (the greatest power pop song EVER!). But “What’s On My Mind”, the B-side tune, is even better! It’s a revved-up rock n’ roll anthem that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Nikki & The Corvettes’ aforementioned 1980 debut album. Fans of The Pinkz, Bobbyteens, and Riff Randells will cream their jeans for this song! Simply put, a timeless power pop single.

Now Wave Zine (Rutledge)

Wow. No Corvettes in sight, but this is Nikki’s first single since 1980, when she was the reigning, gum-snapping power pop queen of the nu wave scene. With the modern day Phil Spector, Travis Ramin (Tina and the Total Babes, the Short Fuses) behind the board, presumably waving guns around and gibbering about the perfect girl-pop song, you’d figure this single would be good, and it is. There’s a signature Corvette sound, which involves a neo-punk guitar chug on the verses, and a full-on dreamy bubblegum chorus, and that’s in full effect here, as if rock and roll was just standing around smoking Kools for 23 years, waiting for Nikki’s eventual return. B-side “What’s on My Mind” takes a more modern punk and roll approach, but for the most part, this single is as vintage sounding as an old Knack record, and just as catchy. Welcome back, Nikki, we missed ya.