RP AtAll 22 and 23 : THE INVERSIONS

One word: SNOTTY! The Inversions are what appears to be the first new band out of the ashes of THE PROSTITUTES, a band that released a few head-turning platters 5 or 6 years ago. They don’t deviate much from formulaic snotty punk rock, so I’m left only slightly impressed. If you enjoy stuff from the Pelado and Hostage labels (which are usually hit or miss with me), you’ll be all over this puppy.

Amp Magazine (MC)

Domestic Disturbance
Rapid Pulse’s latest offering. More of that catchy retro-77 stuff Jim loves so much. Kinda reminds me of a slower, more abrasive FLIP TOPS, which is a very good thing in my book. The A-side is a sonic blast of snot and snarl. The first song on the B-side is a slower and groovier piss and moan tune that doesn’t suck at all, surprisingly, and the third and final track is another snot punk tune about not liking blonde chicks, which I wholeheartedly agree with: “she’s blonde? I’m gone”! Word. This is totally worth a spin.

MRR #241 (BM)

Hung By The Phone
This has that 70s/early 80s power-pop/punk sound that so many are trying to pull off these days. The A-side is excellent, and reminds me a great deal of RED PLANET. It’s almost shamelessly catchy. The B-side continues along the same road, but doesn’t achieve the same quality.

MRR #241 (KK)

Hung By The Phone
Now this is a moderately nice surprise. Never heard of ‘em, don’t know shit about ‘em, but alright with ‘em. A-sides the winner, but the B-side’s got the handclaps. Now go get me a polish and a Royal Crown.

Horizontal Action #11 (Nervous)

Kevin McGovern---chronic fuck-up, notorious chemical abuser, paranoid deviant, ex-Prostitute, punk rock front-man extraordinaire, and author of some of the most perverted, psychotic prose to ever grace the pages of this very magazine---is BACK! And the good news is that his new group, The Inversions, picks up exactly where the late, great ’tutes left off! Now terrorizing the state of Ohio, Kevin’s still hell-bent on full-on sonic destruction. Comparisons to The Stitches, Humpers, and Pagans may have once sufficed. But hasn’t Kevin finally earned the right to be placed in a category all of his own? These singles are HOT. Expect nothing less than tuneful, obnoxious rock n’ roll of the highest caliber. Expect nothing less than raw, dirty noise that’ll make 99% of today’s punk music sound like the formulaic, boring, watered-down drivel that it truly is. As Algy Suicide says, Kevin McGovern IS rock n’ roll! Truthfully, this new material is so fucking incredible that you might hurt yourself just trying to listen to it. Kevin’s raspy, demented voice still sounds great---and his lyrics remain funny, disturbing, and dead-on-attuned to the dark, drug-addled realities of dysfunctional American life. And the killer band brings his twisted vision to life with the same kind of reckless ferocity & trashy abandon that once made the original Prostitutes one of the finest punk bands of the 1990’s. The best songs here are the insanely catchy “Hung By The Phone” and the eerie “They’re All Dead”, but there’s not a bad tune on either record. Fans of Kevin’s old band in particular or dangerous rock n’ roll in general are all advised to get a hold of BOTH of these singles ASAP!Crack pipe not included.

Now Wave Zine (Rutledge)

Led by the raging hormones and poison tongue of Kevin McGovern, former screamer for almost-legends The Prostitutes, the Ohio-based Inversions are classic, snot-encrusted danger punks, spewing out minute-and-a-half odes to teenage pussy. I don’t know if there’s a band out there more suited to this format, since each 45 instantly transports you back to the halcyon days when two minutes was all you needed to rock the tits off the kids and then scram before the smoke clears. Fans of the Pagans, Buzzcocks, and Dwarves are gonna be bouncing off the fuckin’ walls with these singles. The songs are too short to pick a fave, really, but “Hit Me” has an amazing hand-clap rhythm to move it along, and “She’s Blonde” has got to be one of the most honest reasons to pursue a chick I’ve heard. Anyway, this is really smoking stuff. Highly recommended.


What else would you expect from Rapid Pulse? Fast rock and roll punk with influences from the Dead Boys to the Rip Offs on these two 45s! “Hung by the Phone” is the better tof the two. The lead song sounds like a forgotten ‘70s punk hit! The B-side has one catchy song and another not as catchy song - but with handclaps! Coming in second place, “Domestic Disturbance” is still good, and reminds me of Wisconsin’s own Catholic Boys at times. Plus, both records have a super minimal old school layout - just black with some neon stripes. Punk! This Fruit Loops. Sure Fruit Loops/RNR Punk has been around forever, but they’re still, uh, yummy!

Razorcake #15 (Maddy)