For a while, it seemed that The Dialtones were going to conquer the world (although I can’t say they ever totally won me over). For about 2 years, they released tons of records and were dubbed “the new DEVIL DOGS” by a slew of folks. Sadly, these Euros have disbanded, but not without a swan song on Rapid Pulse. The four tunes here are as good as any of their other records, and collectable nature of the release (300 copies, three different vinyl colors) should bring many scumbags to the table. A fitting final release - let’s see what they do next!

Amp Magazine (MC)

Four tracks from this now-kaput combo, issued posthumously. Based on this evidence, the DIALTONES were a loudmouth band of roughskins, reminding me more than a little of rock ‘n’ drek like the CANDY SNATCHERS and/or WEAKLINGS. Good sounds to shave your palms by. Best liner note: “write the Dialtones at: you know what? Don’t bother.”

MRR #239 (JH)

Three Swedish cheers for adding Nikki Dial, (the best thing ever to douche in Van Nuys) to their cover, and their name. “Gimme Your Love” is a plea for some love, but with a rock sound in the background. The rest of the songs sound about the same. All songs end in a minute and a half, tops, so love it or hate it, it’s not a long ride.

Horizontal Action #11 (Larry)