Wow! Alright!! Another great east coast power trio that knows it’s DEVIL DOGS, and struts around like it’s got Andy G’s cock and Steve Baise’s nuts swingin’ from it! Great solid catchy blasts of pure rocknroll for tainted minds like ours. Just when you think you’ve heard a great rebound-sex song, “The Ex-Sex Thing (is the next best thing)” sets you straight and locks in at ’classic’ status. Turn your ass right around and find this platter at undergroundmedicine.com! (rod)

Horizontal Action #10

Basic 4/4 rock in the time-tested and mother-approved NEW YORK DOLLS/HEARTBREAKERS vein-or even ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, if you wanna get personal. “Oh Yeah” on the flip, is a little faster and grabbier than the a-side offerings, and more my kettle of fish. The HOREHOUNDS are here for you if you’re needin’ ‘em.


“No Time For You” starts off like a snotty DEAD BOYS tune, but quickly moves into a DEVIL DOGS inspired offerring (not surprising since Crazy Stevie stokes the keys on the tune). Actually, that whole Devil Dogs vibe runs throughout the disc, although they are a little tougher not nearly as suave. If The Devil Dogs weren’t constantly getting laid (which they were...it’s a fact), they probably would’ve sounded like this. Not too shabby. (MC)

Amp Magazine

Some of you Nawfuckians and other fuckfaces in general out there with muy bueno taste should be aware of Head Hound Sambone Rock ‘n’ Roll Motherfucker from his stint in Big Bobby And The Nightcaps. An excellent hybrid of The Pretty Things and The Real Kids, the ’Caps kept my pitcher pouring in at least five venues that are now defunct. Reassuming the role as a guitar great, Sam has added lead vocals to his repertoire in the ’Hounds. Along with bassist Josh and drummer Ash (who once was behind the kit for Buzz-Oven, if you can belee that), the band’s three cuts here offer the controlled power of Radio Birdman, the sleaziness of The Devil Dogs (Steve Baise produced this slab), and the spare-change riffing of John E. Thunders. “The Ex-Sex Thing (Is The Next Best Thing)” is, in the words of Sambone, “about fucking your ex-girlfriend.” “Oh Yeah” could be an invitation of sorts, but “No Time For You” is certainly RSVP for stay the hell away. Rod Stewart once sang his thoughts concerning mornings; The Hore Hounds wake up to a similar alarm clock.

No Wave Fanzine

The Horehounds are a Johnny Thunders obsessed (or maybe a Mullens obsessed nowadays...) rock ‘n’ roll group with all the classic licks and chords that Johnny Thunders obsessed people dig on. If Chuck Berry had a nickel for every guitarist who ripped off his guitar playin’ he woulda been a fuckin’ king! Too bad you can’t copyright that shit... well... then punk rock would have never existed, right...? The Horehounds! Keepin’ the tradition alive! (blankgeneration.com)

Blank Generation

Three track blaster the ex-front man of Big Bobby and the Nightcaps. Produced by Steve Baise it has a great Devil Dogs feel, but it is no copycat band for sure. You definitely get a little mid-seventies rock ala New York Dolls as well. The shining track “The Ex-Sex Thing” is as catchy as all hell. Hook laden tracks with rather un-PC lyrics will appeal to all you real rockers.

Punk Planet (EA)