Ah, I’m always excited to hear another post DEVIL DOGS combo, and these guys are getting my legs shaking already. Steve Baise and Might Joe Vincent team up to produce some very non-DD sounding shit, but it’s still got an impeccable pop/rocknroll spirit and is sure to please fans of blowjobs everywhere. Girls, don’t get caught sucking on one of those lame-assed popsicles when you can suck on a BOMB POP! (Howie)

Horizontal Action #10

Wow. This is good. Two members of the DEVIL DOGS (Steve Baise and Mighty Joe Vincent) and a guy who sounds a bit like that other DEVIL DOG. DEVIL DOGS fans will not be disappointed. Not as hit-you-over-the-head-rock ‘n’ roll as the DEVIL DOGS, but just as catchy and fun. Fuck yeah.


“Everything (Looks Like Her)” b/w “Livin’ On A Memory” 7"

2 ex-DEVIL DOGS manage to make a record that is actually not a complete carbon-copy of previous efforts. I mean, this one is actually different! Not that the fomula wasn’t tried and true, but it’s refreashing to hear a change in their output. The Bomb Pops are, in fact, much more power POP than D-Dogs. In the place of Andy G. is D.D. “Machine”, and this guy is as capable as any to lead the charge. Man, this is good!!! There’s enough crunch and crotch to please fans of the previous bands, but this is good enough to stand on it’s own. I want more!

Amp Magazine (MC)

Ladies, gentlemen, sluts, and scoundrels,

We have a WINNER! From that eternally-dependable home of the raunchy rock n’ roll hits, Rapid Pulse Records, comes the first new single since the last Briefs 7” to fully rock my lame ass! The RPR hit factory has done it again! Never bet against the almighty Jim, the world-famous label tsar and all-around master of virility and taste! The dude knows what rocks, and rock the Bomb Pops sure do!

Backed by ex-Devil Dogs Steve Baise and Mighty Joe Vincent (How’s THAT for a rhythm section, Sonny!), D.D. “Machine” Davis wails and strums with coolguy hellfire swagger! “Everything Looks Like Her”, The A-side “hit”, is your song-of-the-year for 2002 so far, a surprisingly poppy blast of robust, toe-tapping brilliance with a pronounced 60’s rock n’ roll-meets 70’s power pop bent. It’s catchy as hell and rocks like fuck----just the way ya like it, mofos! I could listen to this tune all night; it sure kicks the shit out of the White Stripes!

The flip is damn good, too. It’s a sweaty, boogie-ish barroom rocker with bounce and melody, not at all unlike SUCKING IN STEREO-era Figgs (in other words, killer!). Two songs, both great = one damn fine record!

If this single is any indication of the riot to cum, these fabulous Bomb Pops (not to be confused with the OTHER Bomb Pops!) are going to kick some serious rock n’ roll ass in the coming years! They’re going to rock your town, drink your beer, steal your women, and joyride to the top of the charts. Can they be stopped? I doubt it. All hail the penetration generation!

You know, they say that the 7” vinyl single is a dead format. Yeah, RIGHT!

No Wave Fanzine

The anticipation... This is Mighty Joe Vincent’s and Steve Baise’s (formally of the Devil Dogs [like, duh!] and lesser projects) new rock ‘n’ roll band!The anticipation... mounting! The Bomb Pops are very Devil Dogs-ish, but with less of a garageeeeee guitar fuzz and melodic overtones. Basically if you like everything these kids have ever done over the years you will be checking this 45 out.

This two song killer features two ex-Devil Dogs, Mighty Joe Vincent and Steve Baise. This is without a doubt a great 70’s powerpop nugget. Anytime you put some of the old New Yorkers in a band I get excited. This single isn’t what I first expected, without Steve singing you wouldn’t make the Devil Dogs connection. You will make the connection with the sound, big bass, pounding drums, and an attitude so we are going to have a big fuckin’ party tonight. The A-side “Everything (Looks Like Her)” and the other A-side, “Living on a Memory” are both killer, with no filler here for sure. Rapid Pulse lives by the motto that singles are king, and these two songs remember what music was like. You know a great single when your lazy ass still flips over the record, again and again. Put this on your turntable, you don’t have one - idiot. Now put your record collection up against this single and you will wish that the compact disc and AOR were never invented. Lets hope that we have ten more singles from the Bomb Pops instead of an LP, and put one out every month.

Punk Planet (EA)

“Booze swilling Fooligans, Hell-bent on Heck” ? Man, ya gotta be careful who you get to write your liner notes. All is forgiven, however, once the needle hits the wax, because the Bombpops play a great, danceable sorta swaggering powerpop that reminds me of Chicago Superpoppers Kissinger. DD Davis’ guitar does, in fact, get down like James Brown on a-side “Everything”, and the band shows all the signs of a breezy kind of uber-cool as the song chugs along. Nothin’ better than when a band turns you into a fan before the song ends, right? B-side “Living on a Memory” has got an even stronger groove, sounding like the world’s best bar band hitting their whiskey high, and really catching fire. Right on, man. Singles like this show why folks are still fussing with this ancient format: Flip, rock, flip, rock, repeat. Great way to spend an afternoon. The Bombpops are where it’s at, baby.