RP AtAll 16 : THE PITS

Hooky, bouncy punk from England. Good shit. Think BUZZCOCKS. One of the best things I can say about a record is that it’s hard to tell what time period it was recorded in. This record has that quality...I need to keep an eye out for Rapid Pulse releases and so should you, shithead. (Jimmy Lauderdale)

Horizontal Action #10

This comes across as a Brit reunion thing, due to the email address and the older looking band. All I could find on these guys was a 45 released last year. So I guess we have a new good Brit punk band. In the vein of Cock Sparrer and Major Accident, this is powerful, anthemic, and definitely British. A very strong 45.


When last heard by the underground punk faithful, the UK’s PITS were still being pigeonholed by lunkheaded fanzine writers (me included!) as mere Sex Pistols knock-offs. Well fuck me! The Pits are back. And maybe it’s because they’ve gotten better, or maybe it’s because I’m now less of a dickwad----but the Pits are sounding FUCKING GREAT!!!! And while their sub-genre of choice is still anthemic Brit-punk, these two new gems are closer to Chelsea or (especially) Cock Sparrer than they are to the Pistols. This is first-rate stuff that revisits the classic UK punk sound without coming across like a pale imitation of the real thing. It’s the got the essential ingredients: energy, power, melody, and hugely catchy gang vocal choruses. If you’re a fan of The Business circa 1981 or Bladder Bladder Bladder circa 1998, you’ll probably also be a fan of The Pits circa now. Especially fabulous is the A-side tune, “Belief in Ruins”, a snappy, seething, hooky number that’ll wow ya with bittersweet venom. Forget nostalgia; this is great punk rock, period. Some things NEVER go out of style.

No Wave Fanzine

“Belief In Ruins” b/w “Your Violence Is Sinister” 7"

OK... this is real UK punk. I know I just said I didn’t go for this stuff much anymore, but Jim of Underground Medicine/Rapid Pulse knows how to pick them. I remember not really liking their other Rapid Pulse single, so this was a welcome surprise and much better than expected. For all of you who think the best the UK has to offer now is LEATHERFACE or OASIS, investigate The Pits. (MC)

Amp Magazine

The Pits... British punk rockers with a taste for rock ‘n’ roll circa 1977-1979. This record has an Angelic Upstarts and Cock Sparrer feel to it, what with the catchy, crunchy guitars and gang vocals. Rude attitudes and all that tea... the Pits are an English Punk Rocker’s dream come true. Okay, London?

Blank Generation

Two song flipper from a total late 70’s sounding outfit from England. It is easy to here the influences and the singer has the snarl of a Johnny Rotten, but not the same delivery. Great stuff to sing along and party with. All fans of 999, Sex Pistols, Chelsea, Slaughter and the Dogs, etc. need to pick this single up. While you are at it order their first single on Rapid Pulse as well.

Punk Planet (EA)