RP AtAll 14 : THE PITS

...buncha old English dudes... with beer... old style, slower punk rock with loud guitars... not bad, not bad at all...singer has got a nice clear voice... in the same ballpark as COCKSPARRER...punk with a slight pop edge... totally... something I can slip my cock into...

Maximum issue 216 (SW)

The PITS show their UK pride by serving up a pair of well-done streetwise songs. This is one of those singles that, when you listen to it, you think, “If this had come out it in 1978, it’d be a fucking classic.” Seriously, they’ve got a brilliant melodic sound reminiscent of ’78 UK punk-stuff that still had a good mean bite in the guitars, but is still definitely rooted around punchy, melodic chords. These two songs, “National Anthem” and “Introducing My New High” were taken from an album on Rhythm Vicar called Introducing...the Pits. Do yourself a favor and pick up this single and keep an eye out for the LP.


Straight out of merry old England comes the Pits. A melodic punk band with a bit of a Sex Pistols influence. Their songs are moderate with a snotty attitude and a lot of sing-along choruses. The guitars are in tune with Steve Jones’ style, and why not? It’s a cool guitar sound that more bands should pilfer. The Pistols reference is unquestionably within this band, but they breakout ever once in awhile showing their own uniqueness. They could never take the Sex Pistols’ crown away as the best punk band... ever. But! You can rock out and have fun making trouble just like ‘em.