Take two parts Trust Fund Babies (RIP), and one part Workin’ Stiffs, and you’ll find yourself stuck with the shoot-me-up punk rock of the Shrinks. Am I in 1977 LA? or does is just feel that way? Primo SF punk with the old TFB vocalist giving this band that similar Trust Fund Babies/Rip Off records-esque sound, or, to those unfamiliar, like a distorted version of Eddie & The Hot Rods. The time-travelling punk rock furiousity provided by the cuts; “Nowhere To Live”, “High Society”, “Ain’t It Great” and “Suicide Ride”, make me wanna put on pink socks, stick a needle in my veins, and roll around in Rolling Stones records. Yeah alright.


SHRINKS Nowhere To Live EP (Rapid Pulse Records) The title, and opening track, should be the theme song for squatters everywhere. Actually, I’d like to play this in the faces of any of those alterna-hot shot punk bands to show them how punk rock is really done. The Shrinks are very up tempo punk sung with, no-doubt, a snarl. Damn, after hearing this I want to go and rent “Sid And Nancy” again.

Caustic Truths