Well, knowing that the Ritchie Whites contain ex-members of the Motards and the Bulemics, among others, anything you might guess they would sound like couldn’t be too far off. One thing is that they take things down to a mid 1977-esque tempo, coming out sounding a bit like the Boys, or the Dolls even. These 2 ideally simple, incessantly catchy, irritatingly short, and irresistibly contagious tracks, just simply ain’t enough rockin’ for the hefty 7 inches it’s pressed on, and your gonna be left wanting more of that sweet sweet Ritchie White punk rock‘n’roll lovin’. Expect some LP action soon.


When I say a band has style I’m saying they have an intense look and an even more intense sound. Style isn’t something a band should have to work on; they have to be born with it. The Ritchie Whites are on the top of my list for bands with unparalleled style. Just look at their sleeve! I automatically knew they were fucking hot shit, and when that turntable started to spin I knew my assumption was soundly accurate. These boys are quite possibly one of the best punk bands I’ve heard all year! They are just a loud, vibrant, pissed off rock ‘n’ roll band, and they’ll astound the shit outta you! The Ritchie Whites are in the same league as the Stitches, and with a little time I’m sure they’ll even outdo ‘em.

Blank Generation (JD)

This Austin band plays sweaty, sloppy beer-soaked old school punk. The A side is catchy as well as insolent as all-get-out. They manage to navigate this overdone style with an esthetic and emotional punity. They seem like they’d be a great druken ball to see live.

Maximum issue 213 (BG)