STRAP-ONS-S/T Ya, they’re a dirty punk band that you would imagine playing in the lowest depths of the worst club imaginable, and that’s what makes them so damned desirable. Pretty much gutter-punks that lean towards the worst parts of Iggy and the Stooges et al. Fun and no-frills punk rock for those people who think that bathing is a policy of “the man.” !!!

Keith Carman

Last I heard of these guys they were known as the Pimps, now their called ‘The Strap-Ons’. Don’t think that the new name means new sound though. It’s still the same big ol’ drunken orgy of chaotic punk rock‘n’roll imperfection and irresponsibility. If you’re not permanently offended and vomitously insulted by frightfully rude songs like Prom Mom, Park That Ass, Fist Fuckers, and Wetty Beddy, then maybe you should re-consider your continuation of being a part of society and check yourself into one of those nice cozy rubber rooms. You could totally check this out, or you hug and kiss snakes. Yes you could hug and kiss some poisonous snakes.