TRUST FUND BABIES Can’t Trust Me (Rapid Pulse Records) The single is the perfect format for the hit-and-run style of the Trust Fund Babies. Can’t Trust Me is wonderfully snotty, and the B-Sides Lusty Lady, and Teen Love Song (a Consumers song) keep the high energy, rock‘n’roll momentum of Can’t Trust Me going. !!!!

Tyler Boehm

The Trust Fund Babies make me wanna dance like a chicken. Great, I am in love with the 2 ep’s. Thanks for it.

Netherlands madman Marc Wouters

If you love stuff like the early Freeze, then you gotta check out these here Trust Fund Babies. They crank out some killer “Killed by Death” punk fuckin’ rock that’s unbelievable. “Lusty Lady” with the quick paced chorus, is killer. Detailed, fast, short, and the best track on a flawless EP. Lick that stamp and get it today.

Tales of the Flipside #122 (M.Avrg)

Boom! Rapid Pulse Records has been one of the hottest punk labels in America for a couple of years now, but Jim has finally dropped the bomb that will blow most rock and roll aficionados away! Never mind the hype over what bands some of the Trust Fund Babies used to be in- what matters is what they are doing now! And now, they are blasting out the kind of classic ‘77 style American punk rock that (when convincingly delivered) never fails to kick the listener in the teeth! Other record reviews will drop names (Pagans blah blah blah Dead Boys blah blah blah Stitches), but this record review will simply state what’s essential: The Trust Fund Babies’ rock and roll-influenced snot punk attack succeeds because A) it’s played with fury and zest and B) the tunes are catchy and spirited. “Can’t Trust Me” and “Lust Lady” just rip, and then a cover of the Consumers’ “Teenage Love Song” throws a final punch after the knockout! Is this retro? Hell Yeah! Do I care? Hell no! They used to call this the “Rip Off sound”, but 10 years from now, it will probably be the “Rapid Pulse sound”. Yow!

Now Wave Magazine Issue #10