The Pimps sound the bell for all you drunken punks to get to class. They’re instructing their brand of revel rock ‘n’ roll. These songs about fuck-ups, losers, and thugs will get your stiff party started. If you have to have a label on them, it’s early 80’ LA punk rock in the vein of Fear. There’re four songs including, “Dying Nation” and “Nose Pain”. The vocals could be a little stronger; but it’s still one of the better records I’ve listened to this month.


Snooty garage-style punk with satirical lyrics, as in the title song: “Voodoo chick bewitch me... Wicca Chicka, cast your spell...Your religion sucks, I just wanted to fuck...” Yeah, that’s right, the PIMPS play groovy, juvie p-rock with dirty guitars and themes like “Nose Pain”. What’s not to like?

Hit List Vol 1/Number 5 (JB)