RP AtAll 8 : New York Whores

The NY Whores continue their raid on ‘77 punk rock with two new songs “Play the Fool” and “Kiss Me”, which is the better song of the 7". Featuring Mike Spent’s off tune vocals and droning guitars the NY Whores are trying to keep the 1977 faith alive. Again, fans of the Spent Idols with have another reason not to slice their wrists


Any of these songs could be straight offa any KILLED BT DEATH comp, specifically “Piss Off”. Never heard of these guys before, but I wanna hear more. Totally shitty production, the vocals are too loud, the guitar isn’t loud enough (until side two), the bass is barely audible, and the drums are way up front. The producion is just completely wrong. Ha! I would be surprised if this took more than an hour to record. Right on! File along side of DICK DASTARDLY and the CLONE DEFECTS....fucking great!

Hit List Vol 1/Number 6 (JAW)