After hearing the first notes of this bad boy, I expected to turn the sleeve over and see the Rip Off label. It’ll probably be on their next release. Amazing trashed out garage rock‘n’roll, filled with snot and coated with classic lyrics. Go buy this.

Hit List Vol 1/Number 5 (BAM)

I guess the guy who does what is arguably one of the best punk mailorders in the world, Underground Medicine, needed even more to so with his time so he started this record label. So far, so good. Like the other releases I’ve heard put out under the Rapid Pulse banner this is catchy, snotty punk that sounds a bit like some thing you would expect to hear on Rip Off Records, but with better production. I like it.

Maximum issue 198 (RM)

Fast sloppy garage punk, which reminds me of the Devil dogs or some of the stuff on Rip Off. Fast leads that have some real rock wanky riffs to them, and some funny lyrics. The whole thing has some extra energy to it that you don’t always see, and the strong vocals bring them out. Pretty good.

Shredding Paper # 4 (Steve)