U.K. cuties rock out in a fuzzy wuzzy garage vein. Pretty dirty and noise production perfectly compliment their sound. They’ve also included pictures of their pert little heinies, for extra visual stimulation. !!!

Caustic Truths (Jack Link)

Hey if you’re a groovy cat you’ll love this 60’s garage! The lovely Dirty Burds, an all female group, play some lofi rock ‘n’ roll. In tune with other English groups like Thee Headcoatees, these chicks know how to flaunt it. Three songs including, “Done it Wrong” and a cover of “Almost There” by Howard Kaylan.

Blank Generation (JD)

Although this record is worth your three bucks just for the photo on the back, it’s worth even more for the sweet and sexy garage sounds. The production is lo-fi but you can hear every note of Prowler Burd’s beautiful voice, the trashy drums, the jangley guitar. The songs are catchy and fit in somewhere between the pandoras and the Headcoatees. I can’t wait until Halloween, when these chicks will be struttin’ into Vegas for the party of the year.

Beer Can Fanzine # 3

Purty fun third 7-incher from this lo-fi all- femme ’60’s garage-loving quartet outta London who know how to make the right kinda noises out of their respective instruments. This ain’t no wistful fluffpop shit, this is genuine “Back-to-the-Grave” -type madness. I’d like a 12 incher of this! Includes a cover of the Turtles’ “Almost There” (yes they had other tunes besides “Happy Together”)

Shredding Paper # 5 (David)

This band lives up to its name, ‘cause they’re all “birds” and they play dirty-sounding 60’s garage-style punk. Needless to say, their cool cool mid 60’s look is matched here by three primitive bursts of girl punk with a nice pounding drum sound (especially evident on “Almost There”). Good Stuff.

Hit List Vol 1/Number 4 (JB)