RP AtAll 3 : BINGO / Thee S.T.P.

Billed as “hi-octanerockarolla”, this Italian(!) four piece takes one part Ramones, one part rockabilly, and one part dirty rock and roll to make a hell of an enjoyable, foot tapping record. “Action” was recorded in 1997, so there must be a full-length record out there somewhere by now? (Junk Records, are you listening?) I was hooked as soon as I saw the track called “Exorcize My Cock”

Caustic Truths

Bonjourno, and welcome to your tour of Punk Italy; your guides S.T.P. and Bingo. ‘77 lives in Italy, these two bands play great old school punk rock. Thee S.T.P. rock ‘n’ roll out with songs like “Action” and “She Don’t Want My Love.” Bingo are a little faster and snotty with songs like “Exorcise My Cock” and “We Don’t Care.” The bonus single is limited to 300 so get a move on. If you buy one record this week let it be this one.