I’m just gonna come out and say it: the new Lovesores 10" ranks up there with any record that Scott “Deluxe” Drake and Jeff Fieldhouse have ever played on. I know: that’s some mighty big talk considering that The Humpers were one of the greatest bands of their era or any other. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Listen for yourself if you don’t believe me!

Out now on Rapid Pulse Records, Bubblegum Riot is vintage Drake/Fieldhouse flamethrower punk rock n’ roll. And it freaking kills! If you thought that a quarter century in rock n’ roll would have mellowed Scott Drake, you thought wrong! He’s as full of fire and fury as ever - as if he’s been guzzling whiskey straight from the fountain of youth. And let’s face it: nobody plays punk rock n’ roll guitar like Jeff Fieldhouse. He’s like Chuck Berry, Johnny Thunders, and Cheetah Chrome all rolled into one bad mofo! By no means are Drake and Fieldhouse trying to sound like The Humpers. This is a new band, not a franchise reboot. But when these guys put the pedal to the metal and blast the rock n’ roll, you know you’re getting the goods. If you liked The Humpers, you’re gonna love the Lovesores!

With Boz Bennes and Adam Kattau (of Fast Takers) and Alex Fast (of LSD & D) rounding out a red-hot lineup, the Lovesores are truly a force to be reckoned with. They really do fill a void that’s been glaring since The Humpers called it a day. The moment “Bubblegum Riot” kicks in, you’re immediately transported back to the mid ‘90s by way of 1977. It’s pure energy and steamroller power right out of the gates, and the guitars are on fire! And Drake pours on the vocal piss and vinegar like no one else. “Pull up your pants, girl, you’re attracting geese!” has got to be the best line of the year. The EP’s six tracks really mix things up nicely, with full-throttle scorchers like “Flamethrower Chic” and “82nd Avenue Breakdown” blending awesomely with the ‘50s flavored title cut and the anthemic closer “Theme to the Lovesores”. Last summer’s debut single “Fast Friends” really got this band off on the right foot, but clearly they’ve taken it to another level in a hurry. I’ll put songs like “Her Majesty’s Ass” and “Theme to the Lovesores” up there with the truly classic songs of the Humpers’ heyday. And having heard so many bands of recent years attempt this style of music to varying degrees of success, it’s a thrill to once again hear it done to perfection. How many times can I repeat the phrase “rock n’ roll” in one record review? I think you all get the point. You need this record. Get it from Underground Medicine

Faster and Louder (Lord Rutledge)
March 8th, 2013

As a huge fan of Flipside era punk socal punk, The Humpers were a huge band on favorites list and still are.So whenever the voice of The Humpers Scott “Deluxe” Drake has something new he’s putting out I wanna hear it. The Lovesores based out of Portland Oregon have Mr. Drake kickin it on vox, along with Alex Fast, Eric Bennes, Jeff Fieldhouse, and Adam Kattau providing the face punch rock n roll. Bubble Gum Riot on 10 inches of vinyl is a trip down memory lane just for the simple face that is seem like this package of 6 songs was recorded for the turntable as it preferred medium. It’s available on the net and I’m sure it packs the same punch but the warmth on the actual disc is very cool indeed. Now, the songs... The Lovesores don’t start things off slow Bubble Gum Riot starts off with its title track and Flamethrower Chic will grab your attention right away. A real Heartbreakers meets the MC5 feel to these first two songs. 82ND Avenue Breakdown slows the tempo ever so slightly but does not sand the edges and keeps the record powerful and moving right along. Her Majesty’s Ass could have be written about so many gals I’ve known over the years great lyrics and very Vibrators style pogo worthy song. Chinese Twist is probably my favorite tune on the record and believe me its hard to pick a stand out tune off of Bubble Gum Riot, but Chinese Twist just cooks a little hotter, leading into the records final song Theme To The Lovesores which is easily the most melodic song on the record but once again great lyrics that are pretty damn poetic in their simplicity and slice of rock n roll life that we can all relate to. All and all I love this record and the band has the energy and enthusiasm of bands half their ages!!! Easily smashes its way into my top 3 for the year and I’m anxiously awaiting another release or maybe a tour.

Punk Globe (Michael Rys)
April, 2013

You might well be asking yourselves who the are The Lovesores? Why should I give a flying fuck anyway? Well anyone with half a brain would know that the Lovesores lead vocals are handled by Scott ‘Deluxe’ Drake, and also Jeff Fieldhouse, also formerly of The Humpers, is onboard slashing the old six string. Interested now!? You should be.

Six tracks on 10" vinyl is what’s on offer and if you ever loved the Humpers then you know how this is gonna turn out, right? No bullshit - No ‘Bubblegum Riot’ gets things underway with a tight groove and some neat neat neat Chuck Berry riffola right from the intro through ‘til the crushing end and the perfect single length of three and a half minutes. Bubblegum riot just about sums up how this track sounds - It’s all in there, folks. ‘Flamethrower Chic’ is faster and meaner but the crash bang wallop of the cymbals has this one rolling along like the bastard child of the Stooges on steroids. When Scott ‘Deluxe’ Drake screams “It’s alright” you just know it’s more than alright! It’s fanfuckin’tastic.

‘82nd Avenue Breakdown’ begins with a steady thump on the floor tom before the band join in and then a steady slow burner not too dissimilar to something the Dead Boys mastered before reaching the chorus then settling back into the groove - This is the sound of master craftsmen at work folks and if you haven’t already reached for the order button then, c’mon, what are you waiting for?

Great title ‘Her Majesty’s Ass’ and even better lyrics as this shit just rocks and rolls. There are no tricks or gimmicks on show here just pure 100% rock ‘n’ roll and its sound is a rush. The quality never dips and while some bands have ups and downs throughout their career there are some who no matter what they do just seem to nail it.... well put Scott ‘Deluxe’ Drake in the latter because songs like ‘The Chinese Twist’ just have that ‘magic’, that ‘X factor’ in the DNA and for those less fortunate that’s how it is: Sorry and all that but some musicians just have “It!” and know what it takes to pen some blindingly good tunes and here’s another six examples of how it’s done.

Welcome to your new favourite band - The Lovesores!

Über Röck (Dom Daley)
March 5, 2013

The Humpers were the Beatles for people who spend half their life in prison. For most of the 90’s, if you were in Hollywood and you wanted to piss your pants or puke on the guy in front of you while watching a rock band, The Humpers were that band. Pure rock n’ roll mayhem. I always wanted to go to LA and hang out with them, but there’s no way I could’ve handle it. I’d be dead before the weekend was out. I dunno what happened to ‘em, I think they took a shot at fame and fortune somewhere along the way and they got big in Europe and then who knows what, probably some international intrigue and a pregnant Yugoslavian hooker or two, but eventually Humpers mainmen ScottDeluxeDrake and Jeff Fieldhouse ended up back in the gutters of LA, and here they are, fronting another supersonic balls-rock band with a name even ickier than The Humpers. And guess what? It’s fucking rock solid. I dunno why it’s called Bubblegum Riot, because it’s all riot, no bubblegum. Six tracks, all of ‘em a slug the guts. I especially dig the B-side, what with the furious riffola of Her Majesty’s Ass and the manly swagger of The Chinese Twist, but it’s not like the A-side if full of pussy rock, or nothin’. Killer EP, is what I’m saying. It’ll probably change your life. It’ll definitely make you wanna polish your shoes.  In summation: Scott Drake is like the fifth or 6th coolest motherfucker alive, now and forever, amen.

Advanced Demonology (Ken McIntyre)
April 26, 2013