San Francisco’s unruly TRUST FUND BABIES blast the airwaves with their catchy brand of rudimentary 1...2...3’s that’ll get your rocks off. They spit it out in that short ‘n’ sweet style that the kids just eat up! Even better check these babies out live in their natural drunk habitat; it’s a guaranteed good time. For optimum pleasure, play loud and loaded.

Maximum issue 205 (DL)

This band features ex-members of the SHIFTERS and the SPITES, along wih one drunk bass player, and this and this is a great record by one of San Francisco’s very few excellent punk groups. It’s pretty dissimilar to either of the aforementioned bands, as the BABIES play more mid-tempo, stripped down, infectiously catchy rock‘n’roll. Some people have compared them to the STITCHES, but that may be cutting them short of the attention they deserve. The best songs are “Kicking Rocks”, “Suicide Pill”, and “So Lonely”, with Karen’s kick ass vocals. Someone should have handed her the mike more often.

Hit List Vol 2/Number 3 (JAW)

Ah, the trust fund. Punk rock’s “dirty little secret”. You know who they are. Those kids who always seem to have plenty of free time to tour the country non-stop, put out a ton of “DIY” records, and never seem to have to worry about missing work and getting fired or paying bills/rent. They’ll never own up to it, but you’d better believe that there’s a lot more than silk screened T-shirts and split 7" singles keepin’ that gravy train on tracks! So naturally, any band that comes right out and calls themselves the “Trust Fund Babies” earns my grudding respect. Too slobbery drunk sounding for the all ages show. Too leather jacket-y sounding for the jaded 21+ hipsters who are “over” that loud and fast kid stuff. Like the Action Swingers before them, TFB are a band to champion simply because they play good, old, totally out of style, punk rock n’ roll with zero prestense and all heart. Grab this. Triple bill suggestion: Trust Fund Babies, a reformed Rich Kids, and the Upper Crust. Call it the “Poverty Sucks” tour!

Carbon 14 #18 (Ben Brower)