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* = Colored Vinyl

1.00 Avenue Rose / Let‘s Dance
(Provincial State) Avenue Rose = Glam Pop RnR Punk from Olympia, WA...Let’s Dance = Snotty Powerpop Punk Canadians. Nice white/yellow splatter vinyl in a jacket style sleeve with insert.

5.00 Barse / Heartburns
(Hell’s Tone) Finland England vs. Finland punk rock battle!

6.50 Bleach Boys / Ministers Dead
Split 7“ (No Front Teeth) England Original 77 Punk The Bleach Boys are back and they don't disappoint! Ministers Dead is a newer band that brings their punk with a bit more heaviness/Rock.

1.00 Botox Rats / DEAD RINGERS
(Meaty Beaty) It’s London vs. San Francisco in a split between two great snotty punk rock bands! Pearl white vinyl with a printed inner sleeve in a jacket style sleeve.

1.00 Brimstone Howl / Hell Shovel
(Certified PR) A pounding psych stomper from the Howl. Also on the psych side of things the Shovel add some melody, lose some stomp. Purplely grey vinyl.

4.00 Despicion / Data Drums
(no label) Eletropunk/Bizarre expeimental sounds from Memphis. Digital Leather Tokyo E fans take note. At this point it’s just 100 copies on heavy colored vinyl, black reportedly coming later.

1.00 Drugs Dragons / STATIC EYES
Split (Dusty Medical) The latest from Tony Sagger’s Drugs Dragons meets up with the trash of Static Eyes (check ‘em out here)

6.00 Durban Poison / The Poor Choices
Dead City Split (Shake!) Canada Victoria, BC is the place to be! Punk Rock Chicks (and a few dudes) do it up right.

4.50 Flip-Tops / Triggers
Split (Jonny Cat) Original copies from 2002. Two great Portland, OR bands. 2 songs each, yellow see-through vinyl

4.50 Flip-Tops / Gloryholes
Split (Jonny Cat) Oringinal copies from 2003. Our heroes the Flip-Tops meet up with Seattles’s PunknRoll stormers, The Gloryholes! 2 songs each on blue see-through vinyl.

5.00 Hell City Kings / White Rhino
Split (Cutthroat) Two Skull Crushing Texas Bands. Purple vinyl with download card.

2.00 Ladykillers / Los Pepes
Split (No Front Teeth) England Two great new bands from London UK. RocknRoll Punk meets Garage powerpop.

2.00 Mascara Nites / The Poor Choices
Tiger Lily Split 45 (Shake!) Canada Girl Punk from Victoria, BC. All-women for the Choices and female fronted for the Nites. A co-release with No Front Teeth and it’s in one of their fancy see-through sleeves on colored vinyl. Two tracks each.

3.00 Miscalculations / Neon Knives
24 Hours of Cancer (No Front Teeth) England London meets South Carolina with 2 songs each on this scorcher!

3.00 Modern Action / Swingin' Utters
Modern Action) Two Great Bands That Go Great Together! 450 copy edition out of print.

5.00 OBN III’s / The Real Energy
Split (Team Science) Austin vs. Houston in this battle of Texas Titans. The Real Energy formally know as The Energy and they kick major arse!

6.50 Scraps / Needle Exchange
Shoot You Dead split ep (No Front Teeth) England London meets Germany. 2 straight on punkers from each band.

6.00 Stitches / Gaggers
Split (Rapid Pulse) What we have here is Without You, a completely unreleased track from The Stitches that is so good it will have you asking “How is it possible that this was left in the can”? On the flip is one of the best newer bands around, London’s Gaggers with what is pretty much their theme song-Gag On This. Yellow Cowgirl sleeve is black vinyl. Check it out on the Rapid Pulse Page

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