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* = Colored Vinyl

2.00 Sacred
Lovesick Pills/Sick Society (No Front Teeth) England Debut 7" from these Pennsylvania dirtbags (meant in the most positive way). Punk RocknRoll.

4.00 Secret Prostitutes
The Ken Rock 7 Inch (Ken Rock) Sweden Back in stock! 2nd pressing. Still only 250 copies on red vinyl.

5.50 Secta Suicida
S/T EP (Discos MMM) Killer melodic Punk/core from Bogota, Columbia. Not far from first lp Adolescents if they sung in Spanish (includes lyric sheet). Super ice full-color sleeve. 4 songs. 300 copies of which only 135 made it to the States.

4.00 Sex Crime
All Systems No/She's Got (No Reason To Dance) (No Front Teeth) England Super Catchy Melodic Organ Fueled Male/Female Vocal Punk Greatness!

1.00 Sexmachines
Ready, Steady, Go!/School’s Out Forever (Sexmachines) This single is from 2005 and it’s the first we’ve seen of it. Too bad, cause this is realy good speedy super-melodic punk. I'm guessing they were a short-lived band formed from the ashes of the terrific Vanilla Muffins. Apparently this was their 2nd single, the catalog number is SM#02. Both songs are originals.

2.00 Shanghais
Fall In Love with ep (Endless Daze) 3/4 female girl-group garage pop from the bay area-CA. 4-songs that are upbeat, catchy, and a little trashy. Includes a Scavengers-NZ cover. Great sleeve too!

6.00 Sharp Objects
Another Victim/Left Without A Heart (Modern Action) Better than their first? Maybe. As good as their first? Definitely! Cooler sleeve? Yes. In a dumb paper bag? No. Single of the year? (2010) I can’t name a better one!

4.00 Shitty Life -
S/L ep (No Front Teeth) England Fierce Punk outta Parma, Italy. 6-songs played at hardcore speed, but still sounding more like a punk band. Raw Power (the band) for the modern age.

1.00 Soda Pop Kids
Stomp & Shout!/Santa Monica Pearls (Meaty Beaty) Super catchy A-side pop with a crunchier flip. Insane clear splatter vinyl! Beautiful full-color jacket style sleeve.

1.00 Sonic Chicken 4
Midnight Girl/Toe Man (Rob’s House) Damn near roots RnR on this one.

1.00 Sores
Wormwood + 3 (Kryptonite) One man band type sound to the extreme. Total noise trash from Sacramento, CA.

4.00 Spookies
(Sorry Baby) I Fell Asleep/Nobody Like You (Goodbye Boozy) Italy Very cool garage from Italy from the Mojomatics guys with help from somebody from the Miracle Workers! Yellow & Black sleeve or B&W while they last...

1.00 Stiffs
Extreemager/Laugh In My Face (Anti Guays) Spain Old English punk band reunite with all original members for their first single since 1981. The a-side’s on the mod/pop side of things, whereas the flip is more of an anthemic rocker.

4.00 Suck
S/T ep (Route 13 Recordings) An Independent Street Rock Record or so says the sleeve. What you have here is 4 tracks of killer Punk RnR from guys who have obviously been around the block a few times. Super-catchy and gritty. White vinyl 300 copies.

2.00 T.I.T.S
I Told You I Was Sick/Kashmere Trap (Polly Maggoo) France French Punk/Garage/Noise etc. featuring members of the Fatals, Feeling of Love, and newest member Lili Z! (though she's not on this record. Check it out here.

2.00 Tatort Toilet
Yuppie Dance e.p. (Matula) Germany Those damn Yuppies are back and Tatort Toilet are here to flush them! Good fast melodic punk from Germany. 5-songs

1.00 Terminals
TCB ep (Boom Chick) Garage RnR punk from Nebraska. A three-piece with organ. 3-songs including a cover of The Mods-Ritual

4.00 Tiger Touch
Hawthorne Boogie/Berlin City (Tyrannical Volts) 2nd single from these guys and it's killer high-energy RocknRoll Action!

4.00 Tiger Touch
Rabbit Grab/Can't Make It On Time (Tyrannical Volts) From the name I thought they'd be a total glam band and while there's a bit of that, what you're getting is straight on garagey Punk RocknRoll! Debut from Portland, OR

3.00 Tijuana Stranglers
Runaround Baby ep (No Front Teeth) England Catchy, but in your face Punk Rock from Covina, CA. 4-song debut.

1.00 Time Flys
The In Crowd (Douchemaster) The Douchemark of quality!

1.00 Tortured Tongues
Let Me Down/Feed The Flys + To Death (Hozac) The 2nd single from Harrisburg, PA's kings of Scuz! Think a more damgaged Clone Defects.

4.00 Virginia Gentlemen
S/T ep (Idle Edsel Recordings NYC) What would a band that features Idle from the Pimps/Strap-Ons and Larry May from Candy Snatchers/Born Loose sound like? Exactly what your thinking-Ripping Dirty PunknRoll! 4 songs with download card.

1.00 Visio
30.07.1992 (Self-Released) Great old Finnish punk from 1992 that I would have guessed was recorded 10 or more years earlier. A very KBD pre-hardcore sound-click on the band name for a track. All liner notes /lyrics are in Finnish. Thick vinyl and thick sleeve. I'm pretty sure it’s all ready out of print.

1.00 Wet Bags
Down By The Docks/All Bones + 1 (Ken Rock) Sweden Swedish younsters bash out 3 rocknslop gems. Their debut record and it’s only 300 numbered copies.

1.00 Young Offenders
Big Man, Small House (Deranged) Canada Killer single from this San Francisco band. Slight post-punk feel to their otherwise punky powerpop brilliance!

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