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* = Colored Vinyl

6.50 Nasty Rumours
All Alone/T & M (No Front Teeth) England Their third 7” of killer powerpop / punk in the vein of The Boys / Buzzcocks.

6.50 Nasty Rumours
Rats In A Wheel/Wanna Be On Top (No Front Teeth) England Debut 7" from Bern, Switzerland. They indulge in good old English-style‚ 70’s punk rock featuring members of The Strapones, Tight Finks and The Fuckadies.

1.00 Nervous Tics
Stupid Little Heart (Meaty Beaty) BACK IN STOCK! Debut Punk RnR release from ex-members of Radio Reelers, Beltones, Killer’s Kiss... Sounds like the Trust Fund Babies with keyboards! 3-songs on orangey/peachy colored vinyl in a very cool jacket style sleeve.

2.00 No Tomorrow Boys
Teen-Age Vice/I Go Ape + Other Girls (Eli’s Mile High) NTB’s elusive 3rd 7” (elusive for me anyway). Of course, it's a total killer featuring their rippin’ Neil Sedaka cover! Grab your switchblade and check out their super cool video for the title track

3.00 Novelties
Stay Away + 2 (Ken Rock) Sweden 2 girls/2 guys from Stockholm knock out 4 tracks of poppy new wavey mid-tempo punk with male and female vocals. 300 copies.

5.50 Now In 3D
The Knife Is The Law ep (No Front Teeth) England BACK IN STOCK! I’ll let it to No Front Teeth to describe it because they hit it dead on:Killer spastic Spits-styled electro-fuzz garage punk. Coloured vinyl

1.00 NVs
Trust Fun Suicide EP (Big Neck) Garage Punk RocknRoll with female vocals from D.C.Check out the ep here: http://tnvdc.bandcamp.com/album/trust-fun-suicide-ep Debut on colored vinyl.

5.00 Onions
Alien Astronaut/Till The End Of The Night (Certified PR) Back In Stock! What exactly is this, Deep Purple without the talent? Haha. Well these Manitowocians (Wisconsin) play it really heavy, but it's still rooted firmly in garage punk. This was released just before Rev. Norb joined the band.

5.00 Pale Lips
Got A Sweet Tooth (No Front Teeth) England Joyous all(?)-girl Powerpop from Montreal. Delightful 3-song debut! Features the super-infectious “I’m Dreaming of Killing You” chorus from the track Sweet Dreams!

4.50 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders
Don‘t Worry ’bout Me Baby/Idle Time (Cutthroat) Back In Stock! Rockin'Rootsin'Twang from the great voice of the Lazy Cowgirls. Two great tracks. 500 copies grey vinyl

1.00 Perennials
My Side Of The Mountain + 2 (Eradicator) Midwest garage pop from members of Half Rats and The Mans. Debut 7”, 400 copies, silk screened sleeves.

1.00 Perennials
Oh Kimmy/Love Anymore + 1 (Eradicator) Garage jangle-pop. 400 copies, silk-screened covers.

1.00 Pink Reason
Ache For You/Darken Daze (Savage Quality) Hadn't heard from these guys in years. Raw garage damaged punk from Wisconsin.

6.50 Plain Dealers
Don't Pull The Plug/Chainsaw (No Front Teeth) England Quite possibly my favorite band at the moment. Snotty Punk Rock from Cleveland featuring the vocals ex-Teenage Knockouts singer Chic. The A-side here is a version of the TKO's first 7" from roundabout '95 (which is shockingly still kicking around for pretty cheap).

6.50 Plain Dealers
Terminal Darkness/Die With Me (No Front Teeth) England Dirty Punk from Cleveland in the tradition of the Dead Boys and Pagans. Ex-TKO's/Teenage Knockouts

5.50 Please Stop
Power Suit and Dead Bodies ep (No Front Teeth) England Female fronted punk from Minnesota. At times it brings to mind a higher-fi version ofthe Spastic or Spoiled Brats from the Rip Off era. Of cours they might not have even been born then... 8-songs!

6.50 Poison Boys
Headed For Disaster + 2 (No Front Teeth) England PunkRnR/Glam from Chicago

1.00 Porcharitas
Get Wasted With... (Vertical House) Really Good and Fun garagey girl-punk from Alabama. 4-songs

4.00 Prambath
I Will Walk My Way (Sonic Jett) Splendid powerpop from Osaka, Japan! Female vocals, nice jacket style sleeve. Back in stock!

1.00 Pukes
S/T ep (Damaged Goods) 15 or so women playing old punk songs on ukuleles may sound pretty dumb, but it’s actually a pretty cool record! One original + Cock Sparrer, Menace and Elton Motello (or whatever the original Jet Boy Jet Girl is) covers. Free download code.

Akta Dig ep (Ken Rock) Sweden A new band playing old style Swedish hardcore. These guys make Off! sound like prog rock! If you have 75 seconds to spare, click on the band name and hear the entire 5 song ep. The longest track is an epic 21 secs.

3.00 Radio Exiles
Secret Station/Walk Away (Psychic Volt) Debut single from this New Jersey pop-rock, mod, whatever you wanna call‘em band. Cardboard “jacket” style sleeve with the thickest vinyl ever!

5.00 Radio On
Awesome/Awkward b/w Almost Not Lost (Futile Lords) Excellent Punk/RocknRoll debut(?) from Tacoma, WA. Check out the super cool video here. On “Clear Beer” colored vinyl with a free download, sticker, in a “real” jacket style sleeve.

6.50 Radiohearts
Lot To Learn ep (No Front Teeth) England 4-song debut stunner from Long Beach, CA’s Radio Hearts. Powerpop punk with ex-members of the Distractions.

6.50 Radiohearts
Tell You ep (No Front Teeth) England 4 new gems to add meaning to your dreary life!

6.50 Ral Pheno w/Psychotic Pineapple
On The Ward Again/Let's Get Stupid (Richmond) Just unearthed unplayed copies of this 7" from 1980. West coast (SF?)garage new wave A-side with more of a Sonics/Wailers rave-up on the flip. No pic sleeve. There's seems to be some debate as to if it ever had one. Check out the A-side. Just in-a repro sleeve of the apparently super-rare original.

3.00 Ramma Lamma
Big Street Time/True Life Stories (FDH) The 2nd excellent single from the Lammas! Ryan on vocals for side one, Wendy sings on the flip. 500 copies. Includes a free download.

4.00 Ramma Lamma
Tiger Don’t Change It’s Stripes ep (Certified PR) The latest band from Ryan of the Kill-a-watts and Wendy Plexi-3. They’re going for a full-on 70’s glam sound and they pull it off well except the production is still garage punk. 4-songs on random mixed colored vinyl. Awesome full-color cartoon sleeve!

4.00 Raydios
No Expectation + School Trash/Faster (Secret Mission) New ep by Fink and crew and it's a monster! 3 great super melodic, high energy songs. Includes a free download card.

Tear It In Two/Pinckney St. (Florida’s Dying) Terrific punky pop from Minneapolis-spring 2011

1.00 Recordettes
Candy Store ep (No Front Teeth) England Debut from Brooklyn’s Recordettes. 2 girls/2 guys play fun garage pop new wave. 3 songs, includes download card.

4.25 Reducers
My Problem/Caveman [non-lp/cd] (Rave On) BACK IN STOCK! My Problem is not the Reducers usual pub rock, punky pop fare. It is however, a brilliant track from their latest album sung by Mark Mulcahy from the almost famous Miracle Legion Caveman is a typical Reducers rocker. Super-nice jacket style sleeve. 500 copies

3.00 Rev. Savage and His Holy Rollers
All Hail Jesus/I’m Leaving Now (Ken Rock) Sweden Garage Thrash & Trash from the Savage crew. Poster sleeve, inch thick one sided vinyl.

2.00 RF7
Acts of Defiance (Puke‘n’Vomit) Originally released in February of 1980, this is RF7’s debut finally reissued. 4 tracks of early L.A. punk much closer to the Weirdos then the Socal hardcore they are most well known for. Includes: Acts of Defiance, No One To Trust, Chainsaw Love Affair and Grey Air. Remastered by Earle Mankey.

4.50 Ricky C Quartet
Small Species/Tonight (Rapid Pulse/No Front Teeth) Debut 7” from these Brits. Includes members of Johnny Throttle, The Blowouts, and Ten O Sevens, so you know exactly what you’re getting -Melodic ‘77 punk in line with Slaughter And The Dogs, Chelsea. Check out the video for Small Species

5.50 Rinehearts
Try Your Luck ep (No Front Teeth) England 6 songs of pop perfection from Perth Australia. Debut(?)

3.00 Riots
One Seven Wonders (Time For Action) Another smash hit single from The Riots! Here’s the A-Side

6.00 Riots
Truncheons Shields And Size 10 Boots (CopaseDisques) Germany Single #3 from The Riots and it’s hints at the darker side of The Jam mixed with a dose of Clash style reggae. Another winner!

3.00 Rock‘n’Roll Class
Rock‘n’Roll Class + 2 (Hate) Italy This one came out in late '97/early '98. Excellent garagey Italian punk!

2.00 Rough Kids
Into The ‘00’s/So Sophisticated (Margin Mouth) Back in stock!! Very ‘77ish punk from Los Angeles. Excellent!

2.00 Rough Kids
Why So Serious? + Going Blank/Can’t Stand You (Rough Records) Their brilliant first single! L.A. channels London for some killer ‘77 sounds!

5.00 Ruleta Rusa
La Ley (Modern Action) San Francisco punk from ex-members of Peligro Social and Roofie & The Night Stalker. Unlike the majority of Modern Action releases, this sounds nothing like the Briefs!

1.00 Ruleta Rusa
Me Dan Asco (Modern Action) Black vinyl version. Only 300 pressed

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