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* = Colored Vinyl

5.00 Gaggers
Don't Follow Me/100 Miles Per Hour (No Front Teeth) England The Gaggers are back! Here’s a brand new single from the original line-up. It may not be their hardest, fastest or punkest record, but Goddamn if it’s not their best! This No Front Teeth version is the colour city sleeve. LISTEN!

6.00 Gee Tee
Thugs In Cars/Flame Decals (Goodbye Boozy) Italy Raw garage Punk from Australia. Two different sleeves while they last...

5.00 GG King
Joyless Masturbation/Bag (Total Punk) The Carbonas frontman is back with another 2 catchy punk blasts! Magnificent!

5.00 Girls At Dawn
Back To You/WCK (Tic Tac Totally) The A-side is their girl-group pop with garage production. The flip is a cooler bass-driven stomp.

6.00 Grizzly Adams Band, The
End Of Summer ep (Chief Recordings) Germany This is the first I've heard of these guys from Germany, though they have several releases. Excellent high-energy Punk RocknRoll! 4-songs and 45 rpms. Click on their name to hear this record. Here's their Facebook page.

5.00 Half Rats
For The Sake of Love/The Girl (Douchemaster) Terrific sixties style pop from a dude in Cococoma.

4.00 Henry Fiat’s Bastard, Sir
This is the Day Rock‘n’Roll Came to Town (Ken Rock) Sweden Numbered 100 copy repess! Henry does the solo accoustic thing. Umm... not quite. 6 tracks that totally rip! Not as fierce as the Open Sore, but quite arse kickin’ in their own right. Features such ditties as “George W Bush is a Fucking Hippie” and “Your Mom is a Fucking Mongo.”

4.00 Holly and the Nice Lions
Nom de Plume/No Future (Certified PR) Garage Pop RnR from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Colored vinyl.

3.00 Hussy
Stab Me + 3 (Eradicator) One of this year’s “it” bands. Wisconsin garage two-piece. Nice sleeve.

3.00 Hussy
Turn It Three/Firelung (Certified PR) Dirty Trashed-Out Guitar Pop, but you already knew that. Colored vinyl.

5.00 Idyll's
Why/White Lies (Richmond) Recently unearthed and unplayed stock copies of this lost powerpop gem! From around 1980 SF Bay area. A-side is catchy powerpop of the era and the flip is a weaker pop/rock track. Never had a picture sleeve. Check out the A-side.

4.00 Intelligence
Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long/Shitty World (Plastic Idol) Another new one coming soon... (ok so I wote that in 2008. There very well be another one coming soon, but for all I know they’ve long since broken up)

4.00 Jeffrey Novak
One of a Kind/Short Trip Home (Sweet Rot) Canada Bedroom garage pop

2.00 Johnny Ill Band
Post Office/Mark Is In The Car With My Dad (Dusty Medical) For a quick review and pic of the sleeve, click here Check it out for yourself right here

5.00 Johnny Throttle
Lost Sputnik/Atomic Reaction (Wrench) More English Punk Rock from the Throttles!

1.00 Jolts
Kaminari Lover/Loser (Baby I’m A) (Meaty Beaty) Garagey RnR punk from Canada. Another hit for Meaty Beaty! Yellow vinyl & a download card. Super-nice full-color jacket style sleeve.

6.00 Jolts
Hammer Every Nail/Diamond Dogs + 1 (Shake!) Canada The latest from this Canadian RocknRoll machine! Includes download and a Tattoo

6.50 Jonesy
(I Wanna) Bang Bang You/(I Just Wanna) Cum On Your Face (No Front Teeth) England Sleazy, Sweaty, Punk RnR Glam heroes from Montreal. I believe this is their debut.

3.50 Jons
Walk Towards The People/Grass On The Wicket (Meaty Beaty) The sons of CockSParrer! Literally. A couple of these lads Dad’s are in that legendary band. Perhaps not your typical Meaty Beaty release. This is more Britpop than CockSParrer. Pretty cool anyway. Clear vinyl + download. Produced by Daryl SParrer.

5.00 JunK
Society and The Robot/The Patch (Bad Idea) The third and final batch of 100 copies pressed of this monster single. Rapid Pulse and No Front Teeth did 100 each and now the band puts out 100 more on Julia Junk's Bad Idea label. Each copy numbered.

4.00 Lamps
All Seeing Eye/G.B.D. (Sweet Rot) Canada Their latest bombast features an almost pop tune on the A-side and a punishing skull crusher on the flip.

2.00 Lee Van Cleef
Virgen Por Delante, Martir Por Detras (Blondes Must Die) Spain From Ferrol Spain, Lee Van Cleef rip thru some melodic Ramonesy garage punk with snotty vocals. Super-nice sleeve with insert and it’s a numbered edition of 150 copies.

3.00 Legendary Wings
Did You Just Eat That Cigarette?/E=MC Who Cares? (Tic Tac Totally) Debut single from some former Throbbing Urges. On the Pop side, but with plenty of bash ‘n’noise. Record also known as Questions.

4.00 Life Partners
Aids of Spades/Teenager In Trouble (Ride The Snake) Abrassive art-damaged punk from Boston. More aggressive than alot of their stuff.

4.00 Lognhalsmottagningen
Gomorra Sverige (Ken Rock) Sweden 200 copy reissue of a 100 copy single that was part of a Burning Hell Records box set. New Sleeve-Red vinyl. Amazing band.

1.00 Loose Values
Tallest Bike In Town + 2 (Snackreligious) Described as a psycho Alice Cooper meets the Butthole Surfers. I'd add in some UK post-punk d.i.y. too. Demented and menacing. From Portland, OR. Limited to 300 copies with silk screened cardboard sleeves.

5.00 Love Canal
The Rotten Ones/We're Not in it to Lose (Hostage) The second Hostage release we got in this week and much like our heroes The Crowd, these guys are from Huntington Beach and sound like it. Formed in 1982, their last release was a looooong time ago. An original on the A-side and a Big Boys cover on the flip. Colored vinyl and a Bonus Love download card with 11 songs!

5.00 Love City
EP (Certified PR) BACK IN STOCK!!! Stellar garage outta Philadelphia! Not totally sixties, but has a great organ. Screaming Apple Fans will eat it up! 4-songs on several different colors of vinyl. Also includes a cd version. Awesome package!

5.00 Lovesores
Formaldehyde ep (Hovercraft) 4 new songs on yellow vinyl. 4 killer new songs that is. As good, if not better than their previous releases. Check out this review while you dig the sounds

4.00 Magnetix
Rib Out + Brain Out/Nulle Autre Que Toi (Slovenly) Blasting garagepunk from France. One song in French, One in English, one instro...

2.50 Magnums
II (NMG) The 2nd killer 7” from these Atlantans (Atlantians?). More bashing guitars, snotty vocals, and over a bed of keys. White Trash Treehouse, Trailer Park Witches + 2

4.00 Magnums
Young Romans/Baa Baa White Sheep + 1 (NMG) Back In Stock! Another new Derek Lyn Plastic project and while the Step Dads are more towards hardcore, these tracks are more arty. Great stuff.

4.00 Maniac
Dim Sum/Pepe (La-Ti-Da) Canada Debut 7’ from Los Angeles Gentleman Punks, Maniac. Ex-mebers of the Clorox Girls, Red Dons and others. Includes download card.

4.00 Maniac
Dim Sum/Pepe (La-Ti-Da) Canada Debut 7’ from Los Angeles Gentleman Punks, Maniac. Ex-mebers of the Clorox Girls, Red Dons and others. Includes download card.

1.00 Manic Attracts
Shut It/Teenage Teenage (Yakisakana) France From Vancouver, but they sound more like they could be from Montreal. A bit more fierce though.

5.00 Max And The Makeups
Poland + 3 (Puke‘n’Vomit) Back in stock! Never before released New Wave punk from Austin, TX 1982. Killer Siouxsie, Au Pairs sound!

6.50 MesS
H Song/Self Destruct (No Front Teeth) England German or Austrian band that woulda been at home on the TKO label. I hesitate to call it Street Punk but it's not far away...

3.00 Midnight Persuasion, The
Modern Vibrations/Blind Side + Need An Answer (No Front Teeth) England Debut single including members of Modern Action and The Shifters. I think that pretty much tells you all you need to know...

3.00 Midwest Beat
2 x 7" ep (Dusty Medical) Their awesomeness couldn't be contained on one single so they had to put out a double. THink a bit more rockin' version of the Byrds or Big Star

5.00 Midwest Beat
Apology Accepted/Appaloosa (Certified PR) Splendid midwest pop with a touch of americana. On colored vinyl.

2.00 Midwest Beat
Bring The Water/Not To Worry + Molly Molly (Tax Return) Snappy sixties-ish pop with some twang. 500 copies on purple vinyl.

6.50 Miscalculations
A Silent Defence/Clairvoyant Stare (No Front Teeth) England Brand new (oct 2014) from the Miscalcs and it's another pair of smash hits!

6.00 Miscalculations
Asbestos City/Live With Myself (No Front Teeth) England New Wave tinged high energy punk killer from London. Debut 7" from the Gaggers, Botox Rats, Shanghai Wires, Dagger Dicks etc. crew. A shot of the Spits and Briefs into their normal snot.

4.00 Modern Pets
B.I.Y.S./Sweet Frustration (Secret Mission) No let up for these guys. The hits keep on coming! Download included.

4.00 Mojomatics
Down My Spine/The Diamond Jack (Wild Honey) Italy One of Europe's truly great garage bands in all their full-blown glory! Sure there‘s alot of great garage bands, but the Mojo‘s are just a notch or ten above.

1.00 Moscow Moscow Moscow
Fans of Stalin Show Your Bottom + 4 (Eradicator) Raw somewhat amateurish surf. Some songs are instros, others have vocals. From Indiana.

2.00 Mr. California & The Flintstone Sound Express
Crazy Toons (Ken Rock) Sweden Another 11 songs from Mr. C. with a full band on this record. Includes two members of Long Beach's Shoot It Up

2.00 Mr. California And The State Police
Pornotopia (Ken Rock) Sweden 6 new tracks from Mr. C. Since this is a family website, I’ll resist listing song titles such as Jerk Me Off, He Wants To Lick Your Ass and Wet Pussy. Thank You.

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