September/October 2019

Dug up a few old stock copies of some Rapid Pulse or related items. They're listed in the New Shit section below-last ever copies.

Ok, so it's already July and you haven't picked up the new Channel Three yet? It's total Fire! Don't miss it or any of the other new lp's below.

Finally everything's set. No more sale, everything is as priced, but it's all marked down, so knock yourselves out!

Happy 25th Anniversary To Us! -that’s right, 2017 was 25 years...

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NEW SHIT! : seven inches

NEW SHIT! : Other

16.75 Baby Grande - LP
1975-77 (Hozac) You remember The Church from Australia, right? A band that you may think is lame cause at first listen, they could sound like some mellow pop deal. Far from it. They had a killer original sound and classic songs to go with it-especially in the early days. Baby Grande is pre-The Church and from that band included Steve Kilbey on vocals and Peter Koppes on guitar. Recorded 75-77 and never released before now. Rousing glam/pre-punk/rocknroll. 500 copies including a free download. Hop to it!