January 2018

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Happy 25th Anniversary To Us! -that’s right, 2017 was 25 years...

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NEW SHIT! : seven inches

6.50 Evil Twin
MFers All + 3 (No Front Teeth) England Totally loving this band from Sydney, Australia. And why wouldn't I? It features Adam from the Trust Fund Babies, Paper Bags, Nervous Tics, etc. etc. But 'em quick or I'll keep them all for myself. That's Thee Evil Twin to you.

7.50 Evil Twin
Back In The Alley/Let’s Go Out (Evil Tone) Australia Scorching Garage Punk RocknRoll debut from Australia. 150 self-released copies! How many are for sale in the U.S.? Probably just the few I have. 45 rpms and a big hole. Don’t miss it!

6.50 Smogtown
Switchblade New Wave/Porno Beach (Rapid Pulse) For the first time on 7" where they belong! Two 20 year old killers that previously only appeared on the split cd with Teenage Knockouts and the first Old Skars and Upstarts comp. Limited to 100 copies only! Blue Sleeve.

4.50 Tiger Touch
Rabbit Grab/Can't Make It On Time (Tyrannical Volts) From the name I thought they'd be a total glam band and while there's a bit of that, what you're getting is straight on garagey Punk RocknRoll! Debut from Portland, OR

NEW SHIT! : Other

12.50 Bad Mojos - LP
Passout City (No Front Teeth) England 10" 11-tracks of Swiss punk from the Spits/Nazi's From Mars school.

12.50 Cat Party - LP
Rest In Post (Hostage) The greatest post-punk band in the history of the O.C. underground! That's according to Rick Hostage and he oughta know. 7" tracks, rarities, etc. From the Joy Division/Bauhaus school

12.50 Disco Lepers - LP
Sophisticated Shame (Dead Beat) By now you know what you’re with these guys-Raw Punk madness with the snottiest vocal ever. Stellar!

12.50 Dr. Boogie - LP
Gotta Get Back To... New York City (Dead Beat) Their instant classic debut from 2015.

12.50 JJ & The Real Jerks - LP
Back To The Botom (Dead Beat) Raw sleazy RocknRoll ala New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, Humpers... They've been around awhile, but this 2017 lp is their first full-length.

10.50 Ratbag - LP
Freeballin (No Front Teeth) England This record is several years old. I imagine some people will love while others completely hate it. Here's how the band describes themselves, I certainly couldn't have come up with anything better: RatBag are possibly the finest accordion driven ska folk punk band ever to have dressed as characters from Alice In Wonderland and cycled to Bognor. See them before they are pulped and made into cheap newspapers.

12.50 Shark Toys - LP
S/T (Dead Beat) From L.A. and they seem to get a post-punk tag put on them, most likely because they are slightly reminiscent of early Gang Of Four. Whatever, it's great stuff.

12.50 Tomy & The Cougars - LP
Ambush (Dead Beat) Debut lp from these high-energy Punk/Powerpop kids from France.