August 2017

Happy 25th Anniversary To Us!

Yup, we started U. M. in 1992 and we’re still going (strong?). If memory serves, the first batch of records for sale came from Sub Pop. The Muffs, Mudhoney, Gas Huffer and a couple of others started things off. The last couple of years have been kinda rough with all the moving we’ve had to do, but we continue to soldier on. So where’s the New Shit then? {Update It’s here!} Well, hopefully 2017 will bring some to our door. If you’re a label or band with records that are in the ‘77 Punk vein, I’m all ears. Got some high-octane RnR ala Devil Dogs/Humpers? I’m all in. Garage? Could be. Power Pop? Probably not, unless it’s really stellar. Are you wholesaling your 7” for 5 or 6 bucks? No thanks. If I can't sell it for that much, it ain’t gonna sell and is pointless to even try. There's a good chance we’ll keep selling off the old stock at cheapo prices, so come look around every once in awhile and maybe you’ll find something. Rapid Pulse? That’s now 20 years old! No immediate plans for new releases, but ya never know... Happy New Year!

Many of the markdown titles have sold out and are gone for good, but there’s still plenty left in the regular 7” section. Happy Hunting!

Ok, the big sell off continues with another 40 + markdowns. Most a down to a buck! Once again, this isn't a bunch of crap that no one wants, it’s a bunch of good stuff that no one wants-at least not from me! Grab’em while they last! They are conveniently listed directly below.

Just listed 400 plus items on Discogs. Mostly cds right now, but I expect some vinyl to pop up soon enough. Anything you want, order from here and we'll both save a couple of bucks. Also there's a sale/sell-off going on right here. Below you’ll find 35 plus singles knocked down to $1. Is this crap that’s been gathering dust? Not a chance! This is really good stuff that’s been gathering dust for who knows what reason. Dig deep ‘cause amidst all the markdowns you’ll find the new ep by new faves The Shanghais!

Rapid Pulse is Back! Well, for 60 copies of a 7” we are. The brand new single from The Gaggers available now! We got a Limited Edition pressing of 60 copies. Of course it’s a killer! Check out the A-side and sleeve Now!

April 1, 2016 Just got in a batch or singles from the No Front Teeth hit factory. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Most have multiple sleeves.

Jan 1, 2016 Nothing new to report and currently I only ocassionally get anything new in. Everything listed is still available. I'm not saying it's a clearance, but once something sells out, it's gone for good. VERY few lp's left, so don't hesitate!

Don't Miss: Lovesores/Born Loose split 7”. You know these cats, right? If not, get on the stick! Ok, there’s a few new things to check out courtesy of our pals at the No Front Teeth hit factory. $5 each is a pretty insane price nowadays, so don’t hesitate. I also dropped the price on all the lp/10” stock, so have at it! Cheers!

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NEW SHIT! : seven inches

6.50 BBQT
Inmate/Last Rocker (No Front Teeth) England Cool Garagey pop with female vocals from Austin, TX. PVC sleeve.

6.50 Blood Letters
S/T ep (No Front Teeth) England Anti Music For Anti People. Classic sounding KBD Texas Punk! I forget, was there a Bloodstains Across Texas? This woulda fit nicely. 6-songs.

7.50 Brix & The Extricated
Something To Lose/Faced With Time (Blang) England Debut 7” from 4 former members of The Fall + a fifth. The A-side is a total pounder featuring bass god Steve Hanley. The flip is more ethereal, but still very cool. A must for any fans of the “Brix era” of The Fall. Lp coming September '17.

6.50 D.O.A.
Fucked Up Donald + 1/Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More (Sudden Death) Canada Back In Stock! First there was Fucked Up Baby, then there was Fucked Up Ronnie and now Fucked Up Donald! 3 trax on limited red vinyl. The real killer here is Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More-D.O.A. at their best! Also includes The Cops Shot A Kid.

6.50 Devious Ones
Djarum Summers/Court Clothes (No Front Teeth) England Great stuff from Detroit! Melodic punk with some powerpop influences.

6.50 Evil Twin
MFers All + 3 (No Front Teeth) England Totally loving this band from Sydney, Australia. And why wouldn't I? It features Adam from the Trust Fund Babies, Paper Bags, Nervous Tics, etc. etc. But 'em quick or I'll keep them all for myself. That's Thee Evil Twin to you.

6.50 Gross Polluter
Breakwater Blues + 3 (No Front Teeth) England From the ashes of Smogtown & Cyril comes this debut ep. O.C. Beach Punk done up right! Would be at home on any Hostage Records comp.

6.50 Gross Polluter
Misty + 3 (No Front Teeth) England Their 2nd 4-song 7" picks up right where the first one left off. I detect a bit of synth keyboard sound, but it's no less fierce. Surf & Destroy!

6.50 Jonesy
(I Wanna) Bang Bang You/(I Just Wanna) Cum On Your Face (No Front Teeth) England Sleazy, Sweaty, Punk RnR Glam heroes from Montreal. I believe this is their debut.

6.50 MesS
H Song/Self Destruct (No Front Teeth) England German or Austrian band that woulda been at home on the TKO label. I hesitate to call it Street Punk but it's not far away...

6.50 Please Stop
Power Suit and Dead Bodies ep (No Front Teeth) England Female fronted punk from Minnesota. At times it brings to mind a higher-fi version ofthe Spastic or Spoiled Brats from the Rip Off era. Of cours they might not have even been born then... 8-songs!

6.50 Ral Pheno w/Psychotic Pineapple
On The Ward Again/Let's Get Stupid (Richmond) Just unearthed unplayed copies of this 7" from 1980. West coast (SF?)garage new wave A-side with more of a Sonics/Wailers rave-up on the flip. No pic sleeve. There's seems to be some debate as to if it ever had one. Check out the A-side. Just in-a repro sleeve of the apparently super-rare original.

6.50 Rinehearts
Try Your Luck ep (No Front Teeth) England 6 songs of pop perfection from Perth Australia. Debut(?)

6.50 Sacred
Lovesick Pills/Sick Society (No Front Teeth) England Debut 7" from these Pennsylvania dirtbags (meant in the most positive way). Punk RocknRoll.

6.50 Sex Crime
Song You Gotta Love + 3 (No Front Teeth) England This band has been around for awhile now and their latest 7" does not disappoint. Hop on the bandwagon if you're into New Wave Synth-Punk and why wouldn't you be? 4-songs. One written by each member of the band. Two girls/two guys.

6.50 Shitty Life -
S/L ep (No Front Teeth) England Fierce Punk outta Parma, Italy. 6-songs played at hardcore speed, but still sounding more like a punk band. Raw Power (the band) for the modern age.

6.50 Tijuana Stranglers
Runaround Baby ep (No Front Teeth) England Catchy, but in your face Punk Rock from Covina, CA. 4-song debut.

6.50 Zex
Child Soldier/Too Late (No Front Teeth) England Another in a line of very cool Zex singles. Not as much of a metal touch as some of their records. Females vocals remind me a bit of the Gits.

NEW SHIT! : Other

12.50 Bad Mojos - LP
Passout City (No Front Teeth) England 10" 11-tracks of Swiss punk from the Spits/Nazi's From Mars school.

12.50 Cat Party - LP
Rest In Post (Hostage) The greatest post-punk band in the history of the O.C. underground! That's according to Rick Hostage and he oughta know. 7" tracks, rarities, etc. From the Joy Division/Bauhaus school

12.50 Ratbag - LP
Freeballin (No Front Teeth) England This record is several years old. I imagine some people will love while others completely hate it. Here's how the band describes themselves, I certainly couldn't have come up with anything better: RatBag are possibly the finest accordion driven ska folk punk band ever to have dressed as characters from Alice In Wonderland and cycled to Bognor. See them before they are pulped and made into cheap newspapers.

20.00 Ric Gordon - LP
Just Can't Get Enough (Next Wave) Newly rediscovered punky Powerpop classic! Original sealed copies in perfect condition. 6-song 12” from 1979 (though the sleeve says 1980) Kansas City , MO. Check out all 6 songs here.