March 2019

Finally everything's set. No more sale, everything is as priced, but it's all marked down, so knock yourselves out!

All right, another update to the update of the update. Singles A-J are now priced as marked while the rest of the alphabet is still half-off

Ok, Ok. So I couldn't do it. I couldn't let go. I just paid for another year of web hosting. We'll take another look next February and see what happens. Right now I'm blowing out as much stuff as possible. Everything on the "Rare" page has been reduced and for now, the rest of the catalog remains at half off. I'll leave the previous notes below, if you want to follow along.

So it looks like this is the end. March 21st is most likely the drop dead date for this site. There's no sense in paying for another year of web hosting when I probably won't pick up anything new. Underground Medicine has been going since 1992 and online since 1999 (I think). Everything on the site is half price as long as you make it a $10 order. A few things on the rare page can't go for half off, but most of that too. Cheers.

Rare that I pick up anything new these days, but I couln't resist The Suck!

I just dropped the prices on a bunch more stuff-the end is nigh... Now up to 700 titles on Discogs.

The 101ers 7" is listed twice, but it's the same record. If you click on the band name on the first one it's a wikipedia page, on the second it's a youtube link... Make sure to scroll all they way to the bottom of the page so you don't miss the mighty Yard Work!

The new Crazy Squeeze lp is finally available! Grab one and some other newish lps below. The Rapid Pulse version of the Smogtown single is sold out/out of print... Order at umedpunk@aol.com

Happy 25th Anniversary To Us! -that’s right, 2017 was 25 years...

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NEW SHIT! : seven inches

4.00 Suck
S/T ep (Route 13 Recordings) An Independent Street Rock Record or so says the sleeve. What you have here is 4 tracks of killer Punk RnR from guys who have obviously been around the block a few times. Super-catchy and gritty. White vinyl 300 copies.

4.00 Tiger Touch
Hawthorne Boogie/Berlin City (Tyrannical Volts) 2nd single from these guys and it's killer high-energy RocknRoll Action!

4.00 Tiger Touch
Rabbit Grab/Can't Make It On Time (Tyrannical Volts) From the name I thought they'd be a total glam band and while there's a bit of that, what you're getting is straight on garagey Punk RocknRoll! Debut from Portland, OR

4.00 Virginia Gentlemen
S/T ep (Idle Edsel Recordings NYC) What would a band that features Idle from the Pimps/Strap-Ons and Larry May from Candy Snatchers/Born Loose sound like? Exactly what your thinking-Ripping Dirty PunknRoll! 4 songs with download card.

NEW SHIT! : Other

7.50 Disco Lepers - LP
Sophisticated Shame (Dead Beat) By now you know what you’re with these guys-Raw Punk madness with the snottiest vocal ever. Stellar!

3.00 Fist City - LP
Hunting You (Dead Beat) Female fronted post-punk debut from California. Produced by Paul from the Myelin Sheaths.

7.50 JJ & The Real Jerks - LP
Back To The Botom (Dead Beat) Raw sleazy RocknRoll ala New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, Humpers... They've been around awhile, but this 2017 lp is their first full-length.

3.00 Manic Attracts - LP
Eyes Wide Shut (Dead Beat) A Vancouver band with members of Dead Ghost and others, crank out some melodic and catchy songs and bash the shit out of them!

3.00 Ratbag - LP
Freeballin (No Front Teeth) England This record is several years old. I imagine some people will love while others completely hate it. Here's how the band describes themselves, I certainly couldn't have come up with anything better: RatBag are possibly the finest accordion driven ska folk punk band ever to have dressed as characters from Alice In Wonderland and cycled to Bognor. See them before they are pulped and made into cheap newspapers.

20.00 Ric Gordon - LP
Just Can't Get Enough (Next Wave) Newly rediscovered punky Powerpop classic! Original sealed copies in perfect condition. 6-song 12” from 1979 (though the sleeve says 1980) Kansas City , MO. Check out all 6 songs here.

7.50 Shark Toys - LP
S/T (Dead Beat) From L.A. and they seem to get a post-punk tag put on them, most likely because they are slightly reminiscent of early Gang Of Four. Whatever, it's great stuff.

7.50 Tomy & The Cougars - LP
Ambush (Dead Beat) Debut lp from these high-energy Punk/Powerpop kids from France.

8.50 Yard Work - LP
Earn The Rock (Rock Tumbler) From Austin, TX with members from The Motards, Ritchie Whites, Chumps... Yes, their songs are mostly about Lawnmowers, Wrenches, Garden Hoses, you know-Yard Work. Pounding bass fueled Garage. At times the raw stripped-down sound reminds me of MOTO. Very cool!